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Asked a question 10 months ago

ive been having the worst “block” ever. its when people ask what my name is. yesterday i was asked my name by a receptionist and i stared at the lady for what it felt like an eternity. I literally could not get my name out. not even a “c c- chris” would work. it was a horrifically embarrassing experience and its making me not want to leave my house or communicate with others. i don’t want this to be a recurring pattern. I'm open to any feedback/help. :)

Where am I?

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It's helps me speak better when I think I'm better than that person. That may sound wrong but it's all about confidence. Practice with the app. There's technically no cure for stuttering but you can treat the symptoms. Depression, anxiety, nervousness can all be treated. Treat those symptoms and you're stutter should get a lot better

Hi - I usually put my name in a sentence - I usually find single word responses hard.  Typically I will say "My name is .... Rachel". Sometimes I'll say - "I can tell you but I have a stammer so it could take a while  ... grin - it breaks the ice.

I'm really new to this app but I find "the bounce" helps