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Carina Plugaru
Asked a question last year

Do you guys have ever struggled with greeting certain persons? In my case, I struggle a lot greeting with certain persons, usually adults or authorities, I have this intense block which is very frustrating, but it's kinda weird, cause I have 0 problem greeting my family, my grandmother or friends. And I really want to be able to greet anyone I want to, without any anticipation or fear, but it's like I can't figure it out how.

Where am I?

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Hi Carina,

I've worked at BeneTalk for just over 2 years now and have spoken to maannyyyy people who stutter - so I can assure you that what you're experiencing is totally normal! I've also spoken to a lot of people who experience the opposite to you, where they feel more comfortable with strangers than family members 🤯

You've probably heard a lot of people talk about 'overcoming their stammer' but at BeneTalk, we view this as 'overcoming our fears' instead. Stammering is a part of you and actually isn't a problem - it's fear that can stop us from being our authentic selves and taking on new experiences. 

My advice is to focus on trying to reduce this anticipation and fear you feel when talking to new people. Unfortunately, it's not something that can happen overnight! It's a journey, and the least I can do is recommend the following resources to help you along the way:

  • Check out our blog on the benefits of speaking challenges14
  • In the latest version of the BeneTalk app, we have released a new feature called "Your BeneTalk Journey" (you can find it in the Learn tab). In this journey, we explore how to reduce fear, expand your comfort zones and also teaches some helpful communication tools you can use in times of tension and struggle.

I hope this helps :) We are always here in the community to support you!

I have that kind of problem too. I think because i get too nervous and that basically messed up everything. Especially when im tired. And forgot to breathed.