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Editor's Pick 🧠
Editor's Pick 🧠

Some of the most informative and helpful posts from the BeneTalk team, our advisors, and some of our users!

when you get stuck on a word stop breath and say the word in syllables or think of completely different sentence but that still means what you were going to say before,

Greetings BeneTalkers! Jordi Fernandez and I are in Montreal, Canada for the Joint World Congress on Stuttering and Cluttering - We were invited to give a talk about BeneTalk and its development, a big speaking challenge but one we... (More)

When we hide our stuttering what are we doing?

I found this thought provoking article about concealing stuttering and wanted to share it with you BeneTalkers.

"Here lies the paradox of concealing stuttering. Many people try to hide stuttering to shield themselves from hostility within their social environment. It... (More)